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Details on the requirements of the pre registration.

What You Need During The Pre Registration Administration Process


Foreign qualified medical practitioners/medical specialists can apply for registration in the appropriate category with The Medical and Dental Council of Eswatini. The qualification must have been awarded by an institution listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (www.wdoms.org)

Applicants should submit the required information, meet the minimum requirements for registration as specified by the Council and successfully complete the Pre-Registration Examination for foreign qualified medical practitioners before registration is granted.

Verification of credentials forms part of the predetermined requirements for registration. The Medical and Dental Council recognises the verification report issued by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) for applicants wishing to register as foreign qualified medical practitioners/medical specialists or any other verification process approved by the Council from time to time.

Foreign Qualified Medical Practitioners / Medical specialists should first apply with ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS) to have their credentials verified at applicant’s own cost.

The EICS is required to verify the following documents:
1. Undergraduate medical degree
2. Transcript of the medical degree;
3. Medical internship certificate
4. Post graduate medical degree (specialty registration)
5. Transcript for post graduate degree (specialty registration) where applicable;
6. Registration with the regulator where the applicant is practising.( Certificate of good standing)

Applicants with foreign required qualifications will first have their qualifications and experience assessed by the SMDC technical committee. Applicants may then be approved to sit for the Pre-Registration examinations.
1. Proof of the applicant holding an appropriate qualification in medicine in the country of origin (attach a copy of degree certificate certified by a Notary Public and (if applicable) a sworn translation thereof in English
2. Certified copy of identity document or passport
3. Detailed curriculum vitae.
4. Verification of credentials by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates; International Credentials Services (to be obtained by the applicant at own cost)
5. Recent original Certificate of Status (Certificate of Good Standing/ certificate of good conduct), not older than 6 months, issued by the foreign Regulatory Authority
6. Certified copy of intern duty certificate (Full details and documentary evidence to be provided in the form)
7. Application form for registration, duly completed
8. Prescribed registration fee
9. Police clearance certificate
If all documents from 1-9 are in order the candidates will be given the instruction to sit for the PRES
10. Certificate of completion of Pre-Registration examination

If you wish to apply for registration and this is your first contact with the Medical Council, you should contact SMDC and receive information about the process for applying for Registration.
If you are in the process of applying for registration, you are not eligible to sit for the PRES (Pre-Registration Examinations) until Level 1 (documentation verification) and LEVEL 2 (document evaluation) is complete and you have been declared eligible for the exam. If you have further questions in relation to your application for registration with the Medical Council, you should contact the Registration Section of SMDC.
If you have recently been declared eligible to sit the PRES, the Medical Council has provided with you an eligibility letter with information on how to book for Level 3.


for guidelines see downloads......

Decisions on unsuccessful candidates and the way forward will be determined by the technical committee after the candidates complete all three attempts.

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